What can I expect when I first start the service and how many diapers will I need?

Once you have signed up for the service we will send you an email to let you know which day of the week will be your delivery day. We typically deliver the starter package one week before your baby is due so your nursery is all set up by the time your baby arrives. We then schedule regular delivery service for the week after your baby is born. If you wish to adjust the start timing, simply send us an email or give us a call and we will adjust.

A typical newborn will go through between 70 – 80 diapers per week. You will receive 70 diapers in your Starter package. At your first regular service drop off we will pick up the soiled diapers and replenish your cloth diaper inventory based on the amount of soiled diapers that are left out that week. Many clients leave a note with the soiled diaper bag each week to let us know how many clean diapers you would like that week. If your baby is already born you can simply let us know how many diapers you are currently using, or think you will need.

What diapers sizes does Buffalo Baby Bums offer?

We offer two styles of cloth diapers, both of which grow with your baby and are a “one-size-fits-all”.

Our prefold diapers can be used with newborn babies all the up to toddlers.

Our fitted organic hemp/cotton cloth diapers are fully adjustable to grow with your baby, as well.

What diaper creams are safe with cloth diapers?

There are some general guidelines as to what ingredients to avoid when using cloth diapers. It is best to avoid any ingredients that contain petroleum/mineral oil, animal fats (tallow, glycerine, etc) and zinc content higher than 13%, cod liver oil and beeswax. These ingredients will cause staining and repellency of cloth diapers.

When and what time will the diapers be delivered to my house?

We have different delivery areas on different days. Your delivery day and time will be determined upon signing up.

What happens if I still have clean diapers in my home and its already my delivery day?

Please leave the clean unsoiled diapers in a plastic bag next to your soiled diapers and make sure to note the amount of diapers used on the provided card. If you require more diapers, let us know ASAP and we can provide more in the same day. Then be sure to note the total amount used.

What are the cloth diaper covers (shells) for and how many will I need?

Buffalo Baby Bums does not provide cloth diaper covers or shells, however they are highly recommended. Cloth diaper covers are the waterproof layer and are required with any cloth diaper. Since the diaper is cloth, it will get wet on the backside so the cover protects clothing and prevents leaking. The cover may have a little pee on the bottom inside once a soiled diaper is discarded. You can just clean it off with a wipe and reuse. Most families use a cover 6-8 times before tossing in the wash or washing in the sink and hang drying. Two to three covers is typically the right number to have on hand for the size your baby is wearing. You will have to up-size a couple of times along the way, unless you purchase a one-size cloth diaper cover which grows with your baby! Ask us where to find the best ones!

Would I be locked into a long term contract?

Not at all! We only require a two weeks notice if cancelling. You can choose a week to week plan!

You can choose to select a long-term plan which is non-refundable, however you are not required to do so.

What kind of materials are your cloth diapers made out?

Our prefolds are made out of unbleached cotton and our fitted cloth diapers are made out of organic hemp/cotton! Only materials you can trust (and pronounce) that are biodegradable and safe for your babies bum and our earth!